Monday, November 22, 2010

Brand New Rugged Tablet PC - ARBOR G0720

In the information age, people rely on computer to deal with tasks in all kinds of areas. Through internet and various connectivity technologies, users can access data anywhere, anytime. For this reason, products equip with mobile networking platform such as smart phone and tablet PC, have becoming more and more popular.

Tablet PC trend is drove by the hot selling iPad. However, iPad specifically focus on the area of personal entertainment, for the business users who require deploying tablet PC under outdoor environment, it cannot secure whole system stability and information safety due to deficiency of protection. In order to orientate environmental conditions, the demand of so-called “rugged tablet PC” has been rising gradually in recent years.  

Rugged tablet PC can be widely applied in many areas. In fact, it is more like a mobile computer which is special designed in mechanism and functionality for server environment such as construction site, outfield, desert, military base and so on. Featuring environmental factors conformable, rugged tablet PCs can stably work and accomplish task perfectly. Adopting rugged tablet PCs can benefit users from saving time, shortening workflow and enhancing efficiency.

Below is the introduction of G0720, from ARBOR technology, which is a Taiwan-based IPC company, the core product lines including embedded, medical and tablet computing. G0720 is ARBOR newest industrial grade rugged tablet PC, the detail specification listed as follows:

CPU: Intel Atom Z530P 1.6GHz
Memory & Storage:  2GB DDR2-667 SD-RAM, 32GB 1.8”SATA SSD
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, HSUPA 3.75G (optional)
Display: 7”matrix TFT LCD touch panel with resolution 1024*600 WVGA
Power Supply: 2 x 3-cell Li-battery pack with up to 8 hours operating time
Data Retrieving & Other Devices: RFID, Barcode Scanner, 2.0 megapixel CMOS Camera, Microphone, GPS

7”touch panel with LED backlight module, 1 set of QWERTY keypad, 2 menu buttons on the front

G0720 provides great outdoor readability

6 user-defined keys enable users to set the functionality depending on the usage and frequency

Inbuilt keyboard backlight module makes it clear in the darkness 

Inbuilt microphone and light sensor which can adjust monitor luminance automatically

Led Indicators (left to right): Power, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Battery

Power button on the right side

Barcode scanner on the top

2 Barcode scanner triggers (on the left and right side)

1 RS-232 jack, 2 USB 2.0 interfaces, 1 power jack on the bottom and 1 pogo board for docking station connecting on the center

Inbuilt CMOS camera for recording images and videos

2 hot-swappable batteries supporting operation time up to 8 hours.

4 rubber protections on the edges for shock/drop resistance

To know its functions further, check the introduction video below.

ARBOR’s G0720 integrates with various functions, including mobile computing and data transmission/ retrieving capability. The rugged designs such as IP54 grade, anti-shock and 4 feet height transit drop resistance makes it suitable under harsh environmental conditions. With the high mobility and multiple functions, G0720 is ideal for logistics, forklift management and in-vehicle PC applications. If you are interested in this well-designed tablet PC, visit ARBOR website to find more:


  1. I think it is more like a mobile computer which is special designed in mechanism and functionality for server environment such as construction site, outfield, desert, military base and so on.. I also have a China Android Tablet which look like mobile computer...