Monday, October 3, 2011

ARBOR Rugged Tablet PC Facilitate Industrial Applications

ARBOR Rugged Tablet PC Facilitate Industrial Applications

Rugged Tallet PC

   Portable POS tablet pc G0710S featuring slim appearance, easy to carry
       ARBOR tech. has been dedicated in tablet computer products, especially focuses on medical market and other industrial applications such as POSand logistics managementARBOR Gladius series, the rugged tablet pcseries, including G0710SG0720G0820 and the recently announced G1050, provide different size of touch screen from 7", 8" to 10.4" for option.

Rugged Tablet PC

   Mobile logistics terminal G1050 offers powerful function with docking station

Featuring mobile computing, the Gladius series products adopt Intel Atom Z510 or Z530P CPU for reducing power consumption and providing high stability. For battery, the built-in Li battery provides G0710S 4 hours operating time, and the extra hot-swappable battery for next generation G0720, G0820 and G1050 can extend operating time up to 8 hours (9 hours for G1050). The abundant battery feature makes them perfect for outdoor application.
       In order to meet the demand of logistics and warehousing management, functionality is the primary concern for the Gladius series. Except various connectivity such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3.75G, this series also equips abundant identification devices including RFID reader, barcode scanner, CMOS camera for speeding data capture and enhancing accuracy. Also, the robust structure design qualifies industrial standards - IP54 grade, anti-shock, anti-vibration and 4 feet transit drop resistance (6 feet for G0720 and G0820), for example. The well-designed protection can reduce unexpected damage that not only keeps work smoothly, but also extends system life. With excellent expansion and data retrieving functionality and protection design, the Gladius series can be applied for a wide variety of applications.

Rugged tablet PC

   Mobile logistics terminal G1050 offers powerful function with docking station

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