Friday, November 4, 2011

ARBOR's Healthcare Infotainment Terminal Improves Healthcare Quality

       As the developing of medical technology and the increasing of chronic disease patients, today, aging society has become a global phenomenon, the need of professional healthcare therefore turn to be more and more important. As the result, ARBOR technology has launched a series of healthcare infotainment platform. The M1857, best product of IPC & Embedded category of 2011 Best Choice Award, comes with the following features:

M18571. Outstanding Healthcare Terminal
Powered by Intel Atom N270 processor, ARBOR's M1857 provides stability, fanless, and noise-free advantages, which make it suitable for clinical and nursing institutions. The 18.5" touch screen and programmable keys are designed for ease-of-use. Furthermore, the M1857 is safe to be cleaned with alcohol, bleach, and medical detergent so it offers higher protection against bacterial infection.



ARBOR's M1857 designed as a healthcare, information, and entertainment platform

2. Digital Entertainment & Communications Service
The M1857 primary design concept is to build e-healthcare environment and enhance healthcare quality. It helps to eliminate manifold paper work, which can reduce clinician's workflow. Also, the M1857 provides patients better healthcare and rich entertainment while staying in hospital. Through ARBOR's M1857, patients enable to enjoy plenty of multi-media entertainment, healthcare information and communication services.

3. Integrating with Multi-function
To enhance healthcare quality, the M1857 integrates with a wealth of connectivity and data gathering devices like RFID, barcode scanner and dual smart card reader. These devices help medical personnel to access patients' healthcare record and medication history, which makes data process more efficient.

Besides the M1857, ARBOR's healthcare infotainment fleet includes M1726, M1856, and M1858, all come with a wide variety of functions which provides more choices for customer.

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                    M1857 provides plenty of functions and user-friendly interface


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