Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ARBOR Automated Conformal Coating Service

ARBOR provides the automated conformal coating service, an acrylic coating can be applied to the whole surface of the board except contact pins, to get the components & circuitry against dust, fungus, moisture and salt spray to prevent short circuits and corrosion of metal between conductors. ARBOR offers a complete conformal coating service using HumiSeal® coating materials for a stable quality and long pot life, as well as the X, Y, Z-axis spray coating equipment which features cost-effective, flexibility and versatility. ARBOR’s automated conformal coating is compliant with IPC-CC-830 Rev. B standard.
 Coating Materials
 Coating Equipment
 Machine picture
• HumiSeal® 1B31
• HumiSeal® Thinner 521 EU
• X*Y-axis Operation distance: 400 x 400 mm
• Z-axis Operation distance: 100mm
• Accuracy of repeat positioning: ±0. 025 mm
• Driver system: X Y Z axis / servo motor + Screw ball
• Displacement speed: 10 ~ 500 mm/s (programmable)
Coating Flow Chat
Coating Flow Chat
Coating Capability
CPU On Module
Capacity: 80/Day
Coating CapabilitySingle Board Computer
Capacity: 45/Day
 Coating Product
EmQ-i2200 EmQ-i2301 EmETXe-i2309 EmETXe-i88U0 EmETXe-i89M0
EmQ-i2200 EmQ-i2301 EmETXe-i2309 EmETXe-i88U0 EmETXe-i89M0

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