Sunday, March 19, 2017

ARBOR Wide-screen Panel PC Optimizes Production Efficiency for the Garment Industry

ARBOR Wide-screen Panel PC Optimizes Production Efficiency for the Garment Industry
ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, is pleased to announce that its 11.6” ASLAN-W812C has been selected to be installed on an automatic sewing unit as a control monitor, responsible for the optimization of production operations and manufacturing processes. The ASLAN-W81XC series, launched in Q4 2016, is an addition to ARBOR’s acclaimed widescreen industrial Panel PCs. There are two models (ASLAN-W810C and ASLAN-W812C) available with 10.1” and 11.6” displays respectively.
One of the prominent automation system manufacturers in Turkey, which is mainly manufacturing and distributing advanced automatic sewing units for the garment industry worldwide, has chosen the ASLAN-W812C as their preferred computer. They required a functional, reliable and scalable device to enhance their units and give them a more competitive advantage. With the ASLAN-W812C installed on its automatic sewing units, operators can easily control automatic manufacturing processes such as sewing, welting, attaching and stacking, as well as create and alter seam programs at the touch of a button. Its fanless design also makes it ideal for the garment industry where clothing fibers can be sucked into fan based systems.
The ASLAN-W81XC series features a slim, compact, cableless form factor which enhances reliability and ruggedness. With an aluminum front bezel and SECC steel chassis, the ASLAN-W81XC series offers superior heat dissipation, making the systems ideal for industrial deployments in factory and building automation, digital signage, kiosks, and custom HMI applications.
Based on the popular Intel® Bay Trail SoC processor platform, the ASLAN-W81XC series comes with TFT-LCD flat panel projected capacitive touch displays, with the 11.6” ASLAN-W812C model supporting full HD 1080p resolution for a superior visual experience. The IP65 certified front panel and 7H hardness anti-scratch panel surface protects the units from damage by dust, liquids, and shocks. The fanless cooling system design makes for easy maintenance and cleaning.
For maximum configuration flexibility, the ASLAN-W81XC Panel PC supports customizable, stackable I/O expansion boards to minimize development and reduce the time and cost of upgrades.
Key Features:
  • High resolution LCD Display w/ LED backlight 
  • Flat panel with projected capacitive touchscreen 
  • Front panel IP65 compliant ; 7H hardness anti-scratch surface 
  • Slim and compact design 
  • Mini PCIe expansion slot
  • Fanless cooling system ; Cable-less design 
  • DC-12V Power Input
Please contact your local sales representative for more information, or email ARBOR at 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this device the ASLAN-W812C a fanless 11.6 inches. It is an industrial panel PC with Intel® Bay Trail SoC Processor. It is manufactured by the leading supplier of industrial computers: the ARBOR Technology. The ASLAN-W812C has a high resolution LCD display w/ LED backlight. Its slim flat panel and compact designs are also portable. You can use this since it has a projected capacitive touchscreen feature. This device is protected from any dust and liquid material. With its IP65 enclosures, this makes the device dust-proof & capable for any wash-down. There are mini PCIe expansion slot support and fanless cooling system. It also has a cable-less design, low power consumption, DC-12V power input and many more. The processor of this device is equipped with Intel® N2930 Quad-Core™ Processor that runs up to 1.83GHz. We can store and use the 2GB DDR3L SO-DIMM RAM module installed memory. And, its 1 x DDR3L SO-DIMM socket can support the 1600MHz SDRAM up to 8GB. That’s the specs of ASLAN-W812C industrial PC.